Our August event saw, for the first time, 3 female researchers take to the PubhD stage to talk about their ongoing PhD research.

Sarah Raine, doctoral researcher at Birmingham City University's School of Media, spoke first about her experiences studying the younger generation of the current Northern Soul scene here in the UK. You can find out more about her research here.

Milly Morris is a PhD student in the University of Birmingham's Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS):

Beauty is the beast? an exploration into the relationship between the dieting industry, the beauty ideal and body dissatisfaction amongst women.

"My research uses a combination of queer and feminist theory to explore dieting as an industry in order to understand whether the politics of "nudge" combined with the rigid expectations of female beauty has intensified the already prevalent body dissatisfaction amongst women in the UK. Although there is a significant amount of work surrounding beauty and the body within feminism and queer theory, there is little research that extensively investigates dieting as an industry."

Whilst taking time out from her numerous science communication and outreach activities, Aimee Goodall carries out her research at the School of Metallurgy and Materials at the University of Birmingham:

"I am researching the heat treatment of a steel and how it effects what the steel looks like and what it can do. When steel is rolled into plates it is often heated to approximately 1000 degrees C, then cooled down quickly with water. The cooling creates a range of microstructures within the steel, this changes how it behaves, does it bend or does it snap? The resulting microstructure can determine the next stage of heat treatment, however the best times and temperatures are dependent on the different elements within the steel."

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